A special kind of care. A fully qualified professional grooming service. A relaxed and enjoyable experience for your dog. As much time as your beloved pet needs.

All breeds welcome.

About me

My promise to you is your dog will be treated with the same love and respect as if he/she were my own. Our service is bespoke, a one on one and it is individual to your dogs needs and requirements. I am also fully trained for the special care and attention needed for disabled dogs. We have plenty of space for dogs which prefer their own company. Our love for animals is what drives us to become the best at what we do.


You can see a list of all our services below. If there is anything not there that you require please feel free to ask and I’m sure we can accommodate your request.

We offer “A Special Level of Care”. Bespoke treatments are used to enhance your dogs uniqueness.

We only serve one dog at a time giving your dog our full attention. The care package will be completed from start to finish at your pets own pace. Grooming can be tiring for a lot of dogs, breaks will be taken as needed making the whole experience as relaxed and enjoyable as we can. We care about our/your pets. We want their grooming experience to be a positive and fun one.

Full Groom. £32 + includes:

  • Nails clipped
  • Paws trimmed
  • Eyes cleaned
  • Ears plucked if necessary
  • Hygiene area trim
  • Premium shampoo and conditioner
  • Blow dry
  • Full brush out
  • Full clip
  • Scissor cut
  • Facial styling
  • Bath and Blow-Dry £18+
  • Quick Bath and Towel Dry £10 +
  • Nail Clipping £6
  • Self Service Bath £10
  • Disabled, Elderly and Nervous dogs extra time taken No extra charge
  • VIP add on package Breath Freshening Foam
  • Perfume Spritz (Jean PAW Gotea, Dog in a Million, Breed X,
  • Opium Noir and Jimmy Chow) You will love them !
  • Hand Stripping and Scissor cuts £50 +

Before we begin our grooming, we take time to get to know your pet so they feel thoroughly comfortable with us. We want you and your pet to look forward to come and see us, and to be as excited about grooming as we are.

We are kind, caring and professional. Our knowledge means your dog is safe and in the best hands possible.

We use a gentle, patient and soothing approach. Encouraging nervous dogs and helping to calm more exuberant and energetic dogs. Come and say hello and have a look at our set up. We would love to get to know you and your pet. We will shortly be announcing a soft opening party in order for you to see our new poochie parlour! 🍾

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